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Our work enables modernizing farms, increasing farm productivity and improving the farmers’ quality of life through our program. This is extremely rewarding for the community, the farmer's and our programs. Have a look at some of our past events.

Our Impact

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Camp Truitt Mini Conference

Atlanta, GA

Our goal is to create a better, more sustainable future for our land and people. By providing sustainable farming practices, we are helping to ensure that our land and communities are flourishing for generations to come. We also provide educational resources to teach people about the importance of sustainable agriculture and the numerous benefits it can bring. Our goal is to create a more knowledgeable and informed community of farmers, consumers and advocates. Join us in our mission to create a better and brighter future for our world.

Fruit and Vegetable Conference

Savannah, GA

Expo shows gather passionate professionals who want to get better at what they do and explore the latest industry trends. These events are always vibrant and friendly, challenging and fun. Our beginning farmers are able to curve the cost of this experience as program participants and find this resource extremely impactful. 


UGA Training

Athens, GA

We offer a variety of program trainings  for beginning farmers and the community. Our programs are designed to give you the skills and the knowledge you need to thrive in your career. Take a look  to learn more.

Farmers Market


Thanks to our partners and program prodigies (beginning farmers)  we are able to offer top services to our participants. Production is how we measure success, and thanks to our farmer's markets we are better able to help both the community and our beginning farmers.

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