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National Women In Agriculture Association (NWIAA) was founded and established February 2008 by Ms. Tammy Gray-Steele; who is the Executive Director.  The organization is headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK.  NWIAA is an agriculture outreach, fueled by sisterhood and diversity.  NWIAA believes rural minority women have been often neglected; the lack of resources has stagnated rural development.  NWIAA is the first minority woman owned and operated organization that provides innovative outreach education that attracts and sustains current and future generations with its innovative, spiritual, and USDA certified education techniques.  The Georgia chapter was established to further this ongoing work and to empower more in the state by educating, developing and providing opportunities in agriculture. 

GWIAA was awarded a Beginning Farmer's Grant under the USDA allowing the Georgia Women in Agriculture Association to expand it's agricultural footprint in the community.



To create opportunities for new and beginning farmers, especially women and people of color.


To increase availability of technical and business support  for program participants and the community.
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